The Workspace [R]Evolution.

The comeback of Incubator and its role in the New Urban Economies




#Architecture #NonPerformingLegacies



New spatial and social requirements are changing workspace dynamics, including rethinking the architecture of production. Local and national governments are giving new attention to dynamics between production, creative economies and the urban context. The effects of digitisation and servitization, the advent of Industry 4.0, new attention paid on craft and
making culture, the role of knowledge and creative economies, undermine the separation between urban and industrial space, the restrictive zoning practices, emphasising the role of production in urban dynamics.
The research identifies in the Incubator model, a strategy for the reuse of vacant industrial buildings as space for urban manufacturing and creative industries. The model, based on the coexistence in the same building of different actors and productions, has been recognised as a strategic urban component, a catalyst of local development strategies, community enhancement and new business creation.